Friday, January 9, 2009

Well, this site's been dead for a while...

Oh dear, I've been gone so long and I have no good excuse. I don't even have a bad one. Typically now I'm behind on everything. I need to post the rest of that story I started, before so much time has passed that it's topical again. I will. I will.
     In the meantime I have something on which I want to opine, but I want to get my colleagues to go on record first. As a professional story teller, what is our contract with the readers? What do we owe them with every story we write, whether published for profit or given away? What do we absolutely not owe them?
     Bill, Chris, Matt and Mark, fess up. Give me your best answers. Then I will post mine and maybe by then I can remember why I wanted to know.


  1. Do you still have your mug with "soon" printed on it, Bill?

  2. Of course, Jake. It's downstairs in the stack of dirty dishes just now, but I am going to wash it... soon.