Friday, January 30, 2009


As Bill suggests below, I can't QUITE match his schedule every day because I have family responsibilities and some prior commitments and stuff like that. BUT, I have determined that I can get everything done that needs doing if I do 2,500 words a day of prose and 5 comic book script pages a day. Theoretically, this should be eminently doable. We start Monday, with the last five pages of House of Mystery #12, and the first 2,500 words of a short story that's been waiting to be written for a while. The story should be done by mid-week, and then I can launch into The Office of Shadow, which is the Midwinter sequel. I've been plotting and thinking and doodling long enough for this novel -- it's time to start typing at it.

So, Bill. A fair match? I think so. My first progress report will go live Monday afternoon. Greatness awaits!

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