Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm flattered to be a part of this group, but also feel not a little like my name should be at the bottom of the list on the left, down in the steerage/"and puppet show" section.

I'll just have to work harder to prove I belong, I suppose.

To answer Mark's kind leading question...I'm actually between projects, which feels unnatural. The Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes is done, more or less, and is being shopped to publishers. My pulp roleplaying game, Strange Tales of the Century, is done and is being gone over by the copyeditor and publisher. But I don't know when either of those will appear.

I've got one project I can't talk about, but it's only a probable project, not a definite one. I'll be doing a scholarly edition of the penny dreadful The Skeleton Horseman for Udolpho Press, but I don't have a firm date for that yet and haven't begun work on it. I've got this steampunk Boxer Rebellion roleplaying game I'd like to write, but I need to figure out how to write it. I've got a kid's book I'm itching to do, but I need an artist. And a publisher mentioned the possibility of a second edition of Fantastic Victoriana.

So I could have a very busy 2010 or...not.

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  1. I just want to say how jazzed I am to have a pulp & Victoriana historian on staff. It's like having a ninja on call. Like showing up to the parks & rec basketball finals, and the players from Quik-E-Mart look up and ask you, Who's the new guy? And you shrug mock-casually and say, I dunno, LeBrown? LeBron? He seems nice.