Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And then there were 10...

I want to welcome the esteemed and much loved Jess Nevins to the ranks of Clockwork Storybook. Jess is a good friend, an affable drinking companion, and a veritable River Thames of geek arcana. Chris first stumbled across his work annotating Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Like Chris does, he shares his discoveries, and soon we were big fans of Jess, too.

In the New Texas Weird Circle of authors, he quickly established his bona fides by being the guy in the room who knew the answer to even THAT question. And, unlike some of us, could actually be succinct, or failing that, interesting, when answering said question.

Jess, it's great to have you. Is there anything you've got on your plate that you can share with the Tickwits?


  1. That's great news. I'm a huge fan of everything from the Alan Moore annotations to his amazing work on the Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana. This blog keeps getting better and better.

  2. Now that there are ten of us, we can do a Ten Little Indians thing on our next Clockwork retreat, where one-by-one we keep getting murdered in horrifying ways, until, as the last one left, I finally solve the whodunnit by realizing it was Sturges all along, and he just faked his death in the third chapter.

    Yes, of course I'm the one who survives in the end, because I'm the obvious leading man, pretty than all but possibly one of the rest of you (not saying who), and the only one of us with actual professional investigative experience. And because this is my comment.

  3. I think it might end up more like April Fool's Day (1986) than Ten Little Indians.