Sunday, September 27, 2009

Put that wooden stake down. We're not (un)dead!

Okay, we've let this place lie fallow long enough. I've been traveling, and got the flu, so got behind on deadlines, and every other sort of blah, blah, blah. But we started this silly blog to talk about writing in general, and our writing in particular, and to keep the communication going between the widely dispersed Clockwork Storybook group.
So let's kick this thing back to life, starting now.
Matt Sturges has a novel due in just about a month, and he has to complete it without letting all of his comic book work go undone, so he's decided to start another one of those "How much work can I get done in one month?" marathons, just like our Great February Writing Duel last year. This time Matt is starting October 1st and running through the month. I can't participate this go round, since I'll be in Israel for most of that time, but I will snipe and comment, when I can, from the sidelines.
At this point I have no idea if the other Clockwork boys will be joining Matt, but since Matt has to do it, even if he does it all alone, and since posting his daily progress here publicly will help keep him on track, away we go. Well, away he goes anyway. So visit and comment when you can, and help keep Matt's feet to the fire.

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