Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Okay, I'm onboard

I barely managed the act as a pace car the last time we did this, and probably won't do much better this time around, but what the heck?

I write a couple of novels a year, on average, but never seem to be in the middle of a longer project when we do one of these writing challenges. In the month of October I'm slated to do one comic script and one or two short stories, and even if I manage to get all of that done I doubt it would add up to as many words as Matt will likely do. But it's all about quality, folks! These will be some good darned words.


  1. I plan to use 'the' and 'said' a lot.

    Good words.

  2. So write something else then. Write two comic scripts. And get started on that novel you always wanted to write, the one about the guy and the other guy with the thing.