Sunday, September 27, 2009

My three days of hell (well... heck at least)

Like Matt though, I have some tough days of writing ahead of me -- three of them. In order to get on the plane to Israel on Wednesday morning with a minimum of guilt, I have to complete the following:

Today, Sunday the 27th of September, I have to finish the script for the first issue of Backroads. As of this moment I have written 12 pages of it today. 10 pages to go. I also have to finish the script to Fables # 90. Yes, I am that far behind on Fables. I should be up to Fables # 93 or 94 by now. About 8 pages of the script are done (and already being drawn), with 14 more to go.

Also today I have written the foreword to the first collection of the marvelous The Unwritten comic book series, by Mike Carey and Peter Gross. Why aren't you reading it yet? Don't let The Unwritten go unread a moment longer.

Tomorrow I have to write the complete script to Jack of Fables # 40, with help from Matt of course. And half the script to Angel # 3. It's actually not issue # 3, it's whatever the real issue number is, but I can't recall that just now, and it's my third issue of the run, so there.

And then, Tuesday I have to write the rest of Angel # 3, and the complete script to JSA # 36. Plus I also have to find time in the day to pack and pick up my dry cleaning, and generally get ready to leave far too early the next day.

So there you go, Matt. I have no compassion for you. This is the life we've chosen.

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