Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Domino Chronicles

I'm in revision mode now, going back through the narrative of what I wrote this past February and looking for things in my notes that I may have missed, or stuff I intended to put in but didn't, or adding things that I realized would make more sense in the beginning. I like where the story is going, so far. For being more than somewhat distracted last month, I was able to get what I wanted onto the page. This is a good thing.
I've come to enjoy the revision process a lot. What's nice about it is that I get to use a different skill set to analyse what worked and what didn't work, and then I get to hammer it back into the shape I wanted. It's pretty liberating. We at the CWSB Bunker use the phrase "Kill your Darlings" an awful lot in workshop. Me, I'm fine with it. Paraphrasing Bill Cosby, "It don't matter to me; I'll make another one just like it." It's a rare thing when I find I'm so happy with a piece of prose that I don't want to cut the hell out of it. As good as I can be on the first pass, I am much better after sitting on it for a week and then trimming the fat.
The current plan is to hammer what I've got into shape, run a detailed plot synopis and outline of the rest of the novel, and then see if I can sell it as-is.


  1. Heh. That's my Slam Bradley picture, there. I'm pulling out a blackjack, for to club someone on the head with.

  2. hope u can come out with the revisions