Monday, March 22, 2010

Ex Parte #3 is live!

Once upon a time, I launched a comic series at Lone Star Press about a lawyer that represented super-types. The market yawned and we could not continue publishing the series. There were individual stories that were mostly completed which ended up not ever being published.

I put this one by Bob Hall together from the files on hand and posted it on WOWIO so that fans might be able to read this sweet little story of a hero with a heart of gold.

Ironically for this page, its the first one that I didn't write. But the next one is all me.


  1. It's about damn time! Glad to see these stories getting out. Always liked 'em.

  2. This one was the easy one.

    I scanned in and cleaned the art for Heart of Stone. Coloring it a bit here and there.